Modular and packaged air/ water cooled chillers, magnetic bearing chillers, heat pumps and heat recovery. ADX ARA-3 Modules Pathed ASF MSD MSH050 V Array on Lifting Frame MSH

Haakon Industries

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Haakon Industries is a world leader in custom-designed and manufactured AHUs for all types of buildings. Haakon Industries Haakon Industries


Electronic air cleaner manufacturer. Designed for high levels of odor, smoke and particulate removal.

Direct Coil

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Coils & fluid coolers. Evaporator Coils 550×550 Hot Water Duct Coil Water Coil

Cooney Technologies

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Supplier of coils. Inventor of the Cooney burst-proof technology. Freeze Block 2100 Freeze Block 2100 Freeze Block 2476 Heating & Cooling System Heating & Cooling System UV Lights


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Carbon scrubbers for air purification and odor removal.

Energy Wall

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High efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) products. Damper – 1200px Triple Stack Energy Recovery Ventilator: U-ERV-1800


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Manufacturer of fluid and refrigerant coolers. Specializing in adiabatic, evaporative, and dry coolers. V-shape Compact HydroBLU Dry Cooler V-shape VARIO HydroBLU Dry Cooler High Density Dry Cooler


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Gas, electric, steam to steam, ultrasonic and atomizing humidifiers. Gasteam Indoor HeaterSteam HeaterSteam Ultimate SAM humiSonic Direct Small PH15LUUU306 Humisonic compact humiFog Direct Optimist humiFog Direct